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At Grain Valley Chiropractic we believe that Pain is NEVER Random.  If something hurts, there is a reason, and often you do NOT have to live with it.  We want to put you back on the road towards the mobile, happier lifestyle that you deserve.  Through a multitude of treatment schedules we can treat a wide ranging list of ailments that may be keeping you from living your best life.  Book an appointment today to get back on track.


Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a chiropractic technique designed to reduce pressure on the spine by a gentle, hands-on manipulation of the spine using the flexion distraction spinal decompression technique.  This non-surgical method uses a specially-designed flexion distraction table to help the doctor effectively manipulate the spine and aid in decompression. Flexion distraction helps to alleviate pain by reducing the pressure between discs and on the spinal nerve. The technique also widens the spinal canal and foraminial area.  All of this contributes to a reduction in pain and increase in motion in the spinal joints.  Spinal decompression therapy with flexion distraction is a well-documented chiropractic technique with plenty of research supporting its effectiveness in reducing pain. 

CONDITIONS treated with spinal decompressions

Anybody who currently suffers from low back pain and leg pain should look into flexion distraction therapy to reduce or eliminate their pain. Neck, arm, and pelvic pain can also be addressed with the flexion distraction technique.

Some other conditions that can benefit from flexion distraction include: